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If you see an opportunity for your management team to better leverage the insights you're generating, you're not alone. Those insights can and should be used to enable the business to thrive.


And that's one of the reasons our team members love working for Driven Insights.


Our clients take our advice to heart and it makes their businesses stronger. Part of the reason they listen to us is that we hire great people. Another is because of the systems we've developed to produce and deliver world class insights.


Join Driven Insights and you'll learn our proprietary process that has resulted in a firm-wide near perfect Net Promoter Score of 94. Sound like the kind of team you want to be part of? Keep reading.

The knowledge that what I do means much more to our clients than just checking off a box that their books have been updated makes me feel like a true partner with our clients.
— Andrew Cordes, Senior Manager, Accounting and FP&A






Do you cringe at the State of Small Business Finance? We did too.


Founders Ben & Dave Robinson focused the earlier part of their careers at the helm of small businesses where they transformed the finance function into a competitive advantage. They also spent half a decade evaluating small businesses as potential acquisition candidates.

Of the hundreds they analyzed, frighteningly few had adequate financial systems, processes, or people in place to truly drive the business. Yet, these business owners were hungry for the insights that a well-oiled finance department can provide. This market need served as the catalyst that triggered the founding of Driven Insights in 2014.

Today, Driven Insights is comprised of an in-house team of accountants, analysts, controllers, insight managers, and CFOs who manage the entire finance operation for our clients using a remote delivery model.




How We Work



We advance each client’s thinking about their business with timely, ongoing & game-changing insights.



Working during business hours is expected, yet our work-from-home model coupled with flextime, affords us freedom and flexibility we all greatly value.



We conduct ground-breaking financial analysis and learn from one another and our customers every single day.



Driven Insights team members are each entrusted to own critical components of our clients' financial operations.



We deploy and leverage cutting edge technology to streamline operations and enhance our analytical capabilities.




While we’re a distributed workforce, we each play an integral role in a team-based delivery model. 






Lawson Headshot
The company culture at DI is incredible & unmatched. The team is full of fun, caring and incredibly intelligent individuals who want to help you grow and learn. We work remotely, but never feel alone because the team is always there to help.
— Haley Lawson, Accountant, Driven Insights


4-step hiring Process


Please take our hiring process as an opportunity to interview us.

It's critical that it is a great two-way fit. So, ask lots of questions at each step along the way. 




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