The Outsourced CFO Services Buyer's Guide

Learn what outsourced CFO services provide, which companies benefit from them, how much they cost, how to find the best providers, and what they'll accomplish in the first few weeks.

Table of Contents



    Introduction: The Rise of Outsourced CFO Services

    The Size of Companies Which Benefit from Outsourced CFO Services

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    What Outsourced CFO Services Offer

    How Outsourced CFO Service Providers Price Their Services

    How to Search for a Great Outsourced CFO Service Provider

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    Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Outsourced CFO Service Provider

    How to Set Expectations for an Engagement with an Outsourced CFO Provider

    Do You Need More than CFO-Level Insight?

    It is possible that your needs run deeper than just CFO-level insight. If you are not 100 percent confident that your finance department is providing your organization with a competitive advantage in your industry, you may want to consider a more comprehensive solution.

    Some companies group CFO responsibilities with bookkeeping and controller services. These companies provide a turnkey solution to organizations which are in a position to outsource day-to-day tasks as well as the larger decision-making responsibilities.

    These providers are often specially equipped to provide you with confidence that the following tasks are completed with efficiency and accuracy:

    • Transaction entry & classification
    • Accounts receivable management
    • Accounts payable management
    • Payroll management
    • Bank account reconciliation
    • Rigorous monthly close process
    • Reporting package generation
    • Financial control oversight 

    The Benefits of an Integrated Approach

    You'll also find efficiency advantages with a company (like ours) which groups CFO services with Bookkeeper and Controller services.

    This type of company has a team that is accustomed to working together, is centrally managed, and is finely-tuned and cost-effective. The result of those efficiencies is that you can save a lot of money by getting the most out of a higher-paid CFO. The CFO will engage ONLY when needed because everything he needs has been teed up by the team beforehand.

    You only pay the high CFO rate when that person is providing the maximum value to your business. A CFO from a separate service will waste time cleaning up lower-level tasks and trying to manage people from outside his organization.

    Let us show you the financial reports that prepare CEOs for decisive action. Get our Executive Growth Reports.

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    What's the Next Step?

    If you think your company would be a good fit for outsourced CFO services but want to learn more, we'd love to talk. No obligations, no pressure, just a 15-minute conversation to learn more about your challenges and goals and what your best path forward will be.