Outsourced Controller Services


The accounting, reporting, financial controls and oversight you need to give you the confidence to chart your company's path to success. 

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controller-led accounting services to build your foundation for growth

sophisticated reporting and financial management oversight that will put you on solid ground.


Outsourced Finance Department

Whether you're building your way up to a CFO-led finance department or already have a CFO that you need to free up from management tasks, controller-led accounting services from Driven Insights can be the perfect fit.

Moving your organization from startup to maturity necessarily has its growing pains. A controller can help you consolidate the disparate processes, technology, and people that have gotten you this far.

Our controller-led team will deliver the day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks and add to that the internal controls, sophisticated reporting, and process expertise that will help you sleep well at night and put you in a position for success.

Plus, when your needs require a cost-effective pathway to receiving fractional CFO-level guidance on a project or ongoing basis, we are accustomed to managing that progression and we'll work together to develop a roadmap that addresses your needs and meets your budget.


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Outsourced Controller Services




Your reporting isn't insightful

An expense and income report with a couple of pie charts may have been enough in the start-up phase, but your business is more complex now. An expert controller will help design a sophisticated reporting package that will give you a clear picture of what's going on in a format that makes sense to all the stakeholders involved.



YOU'RE catching errors and spotting inefficiencies

Early on, your transactions, accounts payable, marketing spend, etc. were manageable by hand. Now things are moving faster and at a higher volume. Manual data entry and accounting tasks are slowing things down and causing errors. A controller will refine and automate many of your internal processes to keep up with your growing business.


You're only getting a surface-level view of finances

An accurate P&L and Balance Sheet are required, but merely being compliant with tax regs isn't going to help you move forward toward your organizational goals. A quality controller will take a deep dive into your numbers to show you not only what is happening, but analyze why it's happening.



YOUr financial team isn't communicating well

You've been adding pieces to  your finance function a la carte as you've grown. But your team members all have their own way of doing things and those often don't match up well with the others. A controller can help you iron out the wrinkles, providing team oversight and guidance that will make everyone work more efficiently.


Your financial systems aren't growing with you

A bunch of made-from-scratch spreadsheets worked fine at first and helped save money. But now you need those spreadsheets to talk to each other and do it quickly. Now, because your systems aren't scalable, you're losing money with those spreadsheets. A controller can help you identify, implement, integrate, and manage a tech stack ahead of your growing needs.


YOur financial data is questionable at best, hiding fraud at worst

Showing your numbers to other stakeholders is making you nervous because you're not 100% sure they constitute an accurate picture of reality. An experienced  controller will set up professional-grade controls and state-of-the-art systems to protect your data integrity and make sure you avoid fraud. 


Outsourced Controller Services




Wondering how a controller-led team might provide value in your industry? Here are a few examples:

Outsourced Controller Services


Subscription billing becomes quite complex, even in small SaaS firms. A controller-led team makes sure your unit economics are sound before and as you scale, while ensuring your revenue recognition will stand up to investor due diligence.


Controllers for event management companies monitor KPIs that build enterprise value, such as event profitability as well as sponsor, exhibitor and delegate revenue growth and tenure.


Nonprofit organizations often need guidance to become better stewards of the donations they receive. Controllers enable accountability at every level of the organization and ultimately help the nonprofit achieve their mission

Professional Services

Professional services companies leverage controllers to understand and maximize profitability by customer and service. They may also perform labor analysis and help eliminate wasted expenses.



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