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The Challenge

There’s a single challenge facing most small business owners today: A lack of good financial information specific to their business.

Without it, small businesses tend to fall into the trap of using financial data only on an “as-needed” basis; for example, to file taxes or support other compliance efforts. Yet in doing so, they are missing a significant opportunity, one that can truly transform their business.

The Solution

Using financial information as a strategic tool can provide the actionable insight you need to achieve your business’ most important goals: driving growth, generating new revenues and increasing profitability.

More, this new insight provides daily feedback and detailed key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you make the right business decisions – and stay on track each step of the way.



We are ready to help you access the right financial information and start using it to gain valuable new insights about your business. When you do, you’ll start thinking about your business in new ways and see new opportunities you can take advantage of now. 

Why Driven Insights?

We’ve spent the vast majority of our careers at the helm of small business where we focused on transforming the finance function into a competitive advantage. We also spent half a decade evaluating small businesses as potential acquisition candidates. Of the hundreds we analyzed, frighteningly few had adequate financial systems, processes, or people in place to truly drive the business. These business owners were hungry for the insights that a well-oiled finance department can provide.

We’ve been in your shoes

We know the information you need and how to get it. We have experience outsourcing financial departments for our clients, so we’re ready to take over for you. And we’re with you every step of the way.

Let’s Get Started

Stop feeling like you’re operating “in the dark,” and let us help you take control of your business. 

Driven Insight can transform your finance function into a new – and sustainable – competitive advantage. Our cloud-based technology, suite of finance and accounting services and team of customer service-oriented experts are all ready to deliver the data-driven insights you need to grow your business.

Contact Driven Insights today to see how new financial insight can help you achieve your wildest business dreams.  


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Ben and Dave Robinson co-founded Driven insights and manage the day-to-day operations of the firm. They have a proven 15-year track record as professional partners with a natural tendency toward hands-on operating roles. Their roots trace back to working together on their family farm in rural Maine, the source of their values, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Both Robinsons have deep domain experience, having worked in roles ranging from bookkeeper to board chairman. These experiences contribute to their understanding of how to efficiently generate, present and consume data for better decision-making. They are team builders with extensive experience in process improvement on small and large scales.


Ben Robinson, Managing Partner

Hands-on financial management
with a focus on process improvement


Ben Robinson

Ben directs new client engagements and ongoing service delivery. Prior to Driven Insights, Ben co-founded Wheelock Partners, an investment firm. He led Wheelock’s acquisition of NEP where he served as Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Before founding Wheelock, Ben worked at Abbott Laboratories as a program manager.

Ben is an advisory board member for several organizations. He earned a B.S. in Engineering from Dartmouth College and Master of Engineering Management Degree from Dartmouth's Thayer School and the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration. Ben was a Division I NCAA All American in alpine skiing.


Dave Robinson, managing Partner

Delivering growth-oriented strategic
insight to every client relationship


Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson sets Driven Insight’s direction and ensures each client receives useful insights. Before Driven Insights, Dave co-founded Wheelock. He led Wheelock’s acquisition of NEP and served as NEP’s chairman and CEO. Prior to founding Wheelock, he built and managed a regional software deployment organization for Motive, Inc. Dave began his career as a project manager rolling out enterprise-wide CRM solutions for Onyx Software.

Dave participates on several for-profit and non-profit boards and coaches youth sports. He graduated with honors from Dartmouth College and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.



Driven Insights accelerates growth for businesses in these sectors:


Software-as-a-service firms with cloud-based subscription services.


Profitable small- to mid-sized businesses ready to scale and expand.


Companies with a membership, subscription, or managed service model.


Services enhanced through existing or proprietary technology.
This churn analysis is fantastic, I wish all of my portfolio companies had the ability to do this type of deep dive into churn.
— Sky Lance, Board Director, BoardOnTrack Investor & SustainVC Founder
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