Integrated Pension services, inc.

Driven Insights helps me grow with confidence. They put advanced systems in place to manage cash proactively, monitor progress toward our goals and help us drive the business in the right direction.
— Will Hackler, Managing Partner, Integrated Pension Services, Inc.


Integrated Pension Services, Inc. (IPS) is a full-service retirement plan consulting, administration, and investment firm. Prior to engaging Driven Insights, IPS managed its finance function with a traditional third-party bookkeeping relationship and the limited oversight and guidance that the firm’s owner, Will Hackler, was able to muster in parallel with managing other responsibilities. Hackler recognized he needed a better system and insights to set the stage for the growth he knew his firm could achieve.

In the first year working with Driven Insights, my firm’s growth rate tripled and gross margins spiked. We also hired new employees who have been critical to supporting our growth initiatives, and we even paid down much of our debt balance. I only wish I had found Driven Insights sooner.
— Will Hackler, Managing Partner, Integrated Pension Services, Inc.


Having nearly completed the buyout of the firm from his father over the preceding years, Hackler, wanted to accelerate his firm’s growth, but was faced with three distinct challenges:

  • Back office inefficiencies: Customer invoicing was inconsistent and often late or simply not done.
  • Reporting: IPS suffered from a lack of visibility into future cash flow and other key metrics. 
  • Debt burden: Debt accumulated during past growth initiatives had to be repaid to free up cash required to invest in growth.  


Driven Insights took over the entire finance function for IPS, providing ongoing bookkeeping and controller services. IPS receives monthly financials and key performance indicators, along with ongoing regular cash flow projections and an annual budgeting process.


How Driven Insights is Driving IPS’s Growth:

  • Gained new insight with valuable monthly information to help optimize profitability and accelerate growth
  • Achieved a Year 1 growth of 38% (compared with 6.8% growth the year prior to Driven Insights engagement)
  • Projected to maintain or exceed this growth rate in Year 2
  • Paid down all outstanding debt
  • Improved gross margins by 18% over first year with Driven Insights
Their advice is invaluable since they understand my business and can empathize with the many challenges related to running a business. I also value how they are grounded and able to maintain a sense of humor through it all.
— Will Hackler, Managing Partner, Integrated Pension Services, Inc.

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